Without a Spark

Spark plug problems will have you searching for car repair in Metairie-New Orleans.

You really want to go watch the Pelicans play the Nuggets tonight, but you’re not feeling real certain that your car will make it there and back. You’ve been having trouble getting it started and, once it’s going, it’s just not right. You really do NOT want to get stranded on the way back from the game.

There could be many reasons you’re having a hard time starting your car. If it’s accompanied by other symptoms, like a rough idle, misfiring and surging, then it’s likely you have a problem with one or more spark plugs. Other indicators you may have to replace your spark plugs are high fuel consumption and lack of acceleration, according to motoringabout.com.

The best thing you can do is to bring your car to one of Twin Tire and Auto Care’s three convenient auto repair locations – Harvey, Hammond or Marrero – to have our expert mechanics diagnose and fix the problem. We service all types of cars and light trucks at those locations whether they’re traditional gas powered, diesel, hybrid or electric. (If you have a heavy truck, bring it to our Harahan shop.)

Twin Tire has been trusted for car repair in Metairie-New Orleans for more than 40 years. We also have a January special of a $25 gift certificate to use whatever way you want (except on a conventional oil change). But hurry, the gift certificate is only good through Jan. 31 – this Saturday.

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