When Your Steering Comes Untied

If your tie rods wear out or break, you're going to need auto repair in Metairie-New Orleans.

The Pelicans are back from the road and you’re getting all geared up for their game tonight against the Pistons. In fact you’re so ready for the game that you’re willing to ignore your shaking steering wheel and car vibration. It’s probably just the condition of the roads, right? Right?

Maybe. Maybe not.

A shaking steering wheel, especially when you turn, and vibrations are two indicators that you might have worn tie rods. Tie rods “tie” your steering wheel to your wheels. A tie rod breaks and you have no way to communicate with your wheels and, at best, your car starts to drift all over the road because you have lost control. As ehow.com says, this is an “extremely dangerous” situation.

“This can cause serious accidents and/or injury if not taken care of immediately,” ehow says. “If you're experiencing tie rod issues, it's best to drive slowly to the closest auto repair shop. If the problem has gone unchecked and your vehicle is starting to drift, pull over on the side of the road and call for a tow truck to prevent any possible accidents or injuries.”

The best place to take your car is Twin Tire and Auto Care so our expert auto repair specialists can have a look. We’ve been doing auto repair in Metairie-New Orleans since 1973. And, we’re convenient, with three auto repair shops to help you – Harvey, Marrero and Hammond. We also have a shop in Harahan for heavy trucks. When you’re having car problems, whether it’s mechanical or tire-related, Twin Tire is the place to go.

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