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Regular brake service in New Orleans is an important part of car ownership.

You’re looking forward to a fun time at the Audubon Aquarium and Zoo today for its 25th birthday celebration. But you’ve decided to be more careful than usual on New Orleans’ crowded streets (all those festivals) because something seems a bit “off” about your brakes. They’re taking longer than usual to get your car stopped. You’re regretting that you didn’t keep up with that regular maintenance schedule.

Car Talk agrees that you should stick to a regular brake service schedule “so you don't crash into a cabbage truck.”

Car Talk adds, “If you neglect your brake pads and shoes, your brakes will ultimately fail. Even before that happens, however, you can cause damage to other, more expensive brake parts, such as rotors, drums and calipers.”

Twin Tire and Auto Care is closed today and Labor Day. But, on Tuesday, you need to bring your car to one of Twin Tire’s three, convenient locations in Marrero, Hammond and Harvey to have your brakes checked. Twin Tire has been the New Orleans-Marrero area’s trusted brake repair and brake service company since 1973. Twin Tire also has a location in Harahan for heavy commercial trucks.

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