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When you're driving around New Orleans, brakes that work are a necessity. Here are some ways to make your brakes last longer.

Whether you're driving far, or near (work, the French Film Festival), you need functioning brakes. But sometimes you feel as if they wear out too quickly.

Here are a few tips from automotive journalist and former race car driver Mac Demere, who says, "You can make your brakes last a long time or you can wear them out quickly. The choice is yours. Done judiciously, the following money-saving driving techniques won't clog traffic and few other drivers will notice":

  • Slow down - the higher your speed, the harder stopping is on your brakes.
  • Learn to coast - "Coasting is a surprisingly easy way to get rid of a lot of brake-killing speed. ... If you know you'll have to stop at the end of a freeway off-ramp, coasting from 70 down to 50 before you brake will significantly reduce brake wear."
  • Lose weight - don't load your car with unnecessary stuff. Demers says, "Math majors will point out that this won't make a big difference unless you're hauling those barbells you keep forgetting to drop off at Goodwill. However, some aftermarket parts — especially tires and wheels — can add a lot of weight. More significantly, consider vehicle weight before your next purchase. A heavier vehicle is harder on brakes. And tires. And gas."
  • Care for your brakes - change your brake fluid periodically. If you have to buy new brakes, buy ones that are right for your car and driving needs rather than the cheapest available. And check your brakes regularly.

Twin Tire Auto Care is the best New Orleans brake shop for these routine auto care chores. Twin Tire is also the best place to go if you need new brakes or other auto repair. Twin Tire has been the trusted New Orleans brake and auto care shop since 1973.

Twin Tire has three convenient New Orleans brake and auto care centers: Marrero, Hammond and Harvey. Twin Tire also has a Harahan location for heavy commercial vehicles.

Be sure to take advantage of the Twin Tire Rewards loyalty program. It's free. You get points for every qualified purchase and you can trade those points for more great New Orleans auto care or trade them for travel perks. You can also donate them to a New Orleans charity like the Fuller Center of New Orleans.

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