Stopping While Shopping

Be sure your car or truck doesn't need brake repair this holiday season.

Thousands of people are hitting the stores today trying to get those pre-Christmas bargains. It can be a frustrating and tiring experience that some prefer to avoid. But whether you’re going to brave the melee in the stores or go elsewhere, like the Fairgrounds to watch the horses run, you want to make sure your brakes are in good condition.

“Check your brakes periodically to keep up routine maintenance on your vehicle. At a minimum this should be done at least once a year – plan a brake check at the same time you get your tires rotated,” Direct Auto Insurance recommends. “A thorough brake inspection should include brake pad/lining wear, your brake fluid level, rotor thickness, condition of hoses and brake lines, as well as your brake lights and dashboard warning lights.”

Direct adds, “It's commonplace to have your brakes replaced every 20,000 to 30,000 miles.”

That’s if your brakes are working. If you experience any warning signs that your brakes aren’t doing so well, you should take your car or truck to a mechanic to have the brakes checked out, Direct says. Those warning signs: Noise when applying the brakes, your brake light comes on, your car shakes or pulls to one side when stopping, or your brake pedal is mushy (goes to the floor) or is hard (barely moves) when pressed.

Whether you need brake repair, or a simple brake checkup, the place to come is Twin Tire and Auto Care. We’ve been the trusted, go-to guys for tire sales and auto repair in the greater New Orleans area for 41 years. We have branches in Marrero, Hammond and Harvey to handle cars and light trucks. For heavy trucks and commercial vehicles, try our Harahan location. We provide service and car repair to all types of vehicles – traditional gas powered, hybrid, diesel and electric.

And if you’re venturing into the stores, or cyberspace, for some shopping this holiday season, please add a child to your list to donate to Toys for Tots. Twin Tire and Auto Care is a proud sponsor of Toys for Tots. We hope you’ll buy at least one present for a less fortunate child and drop it off at one of our three locations: 42296 Veterans Ave. in Hammond; 1200 Manhattan Blvd. in Harvey; 2195 Barataria Blvd. in Marrero; or at our commercial and heavy truck location, 5712 Jarvis St. in Harahan. Don’t wrap it. Just get it here by Dec. 13. Toys for Tots will take care of the rest.

In return, we have a gift for you: If you bring a new toy to any of our locations, you’ll get $7 off any service or a gift certificate for $7 off future service at from Twin Tire. Help make a child’s Christmas a bit brighter by helping us support Toys for Tots this year.

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