It’s Summertime and You Need Auto Care | Oil Change, Auto Care

Take a few minutes for an oil change and other New Orleans auto care to avoid a breakdown that would spoil your summer fun.

The winters may not be especially harsh here in New Orleans, but the summers can be brutal. With the hot, humid weather, you just want to sit back, fan yourself and spend time in air conditioned splendor at the French Film Festival or other, similar event. While you’re sitting in that air conditioned theater, spare a thought for your car. Summer is equally hard on a car and it can’t escape into air conditioning. It relies on you for summertime auto care.

“The high temperatures of summer can be tough on a vehicle - everything from the paint down to the tires is subjected to harsher than normal conditions,” says. “Gone unchecked, some issues could leave you stranded in the heat.”

That would be especially unfortunate because so many of those issues could be prevented with just a little bit of regular maintenance – like a coolant check, oil change or inspection and replacement of air and other filters. None of those things take a long time to check – even if they’re all done at one time – and they’re also economical. They’ll certainly cost you a lot less in time and auto repair costs than if they’re neglected and a major problem pops up.

The best place to get your oil change and other New Orleans auto care done is Twin Tire and Auto Care. Twin Tire has had the trusted auto repair experts since it opened in 1973. Twin Tire has three convenient shops for auto care and auto repair on cars and light trucks – Harvey, Marrero and Hammond. We also have a location in Harahan if you need auto care and auto repair for heavy commercial vehicles.

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