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The New Orleans auto repair professionals at Twin Tire will figure out the problem when your "check engine light" comes on.

You're planning to spend the day at the Arts Market, but you're wondering if it might be a better idea to spend at least part of the day with the certified New Orleans auto repair technicians at Twin Tire Auto Care. The reason: Your check engine light is on. You're hoping that, if you just ignore it, nothing bad will happen.

You're not alone. says that 10 percent of all cars on the road have a check engine light on, and the drivers of half of these cars have ignored the light for more than three months. But that's a bad idea, especially if the light is flashing.

"If the light begins flashing, ... it indicates a more serious problem, such as a misfire that can quickly overheat the catalytic converter," Edmunds says. "These emissions devices operate at high temperatures to cut emissions, but can pose a fire hazard if faulty."

Okay, what if it's not flashing? Well, it's still wise to get it checked as soon as possible. It might be something simple, like a loose gas cap. But if it's something more serious, like a catalytic converter, you're not doing yourself any favors by waiting. You could even be making things worse.

Of course, you're going to take your car to the trusted New Orleans auto repair and auto care experts at Twin Tire. Twin Tire has been the go-to New Orleans auto repair and auto care professional service center since 1973. Twin Tire has three conveniently located New Orleans auto care and auto repair centers to help you: Marrero, Hammond and Harvey. Twin Tire also has a New Orleans auto repair and auto care center in Harahan for heavy commercial vehicles.

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