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When hot weather hits, it’s time to find a Marrero auto care specialist, like the Marrero auto care experts at Twin Tire to give your auto air conditioning a once over.

You’re planning on going to the Cajun Zydeco Festival. But you have to admit, you’re not looking forward to the ride there because your auto air conditioning isn’t working. That hasn’t been a real problem until now because the temperatures haven’t been bad. But as the temperatures in New Orleans go up, the discomfort of riding in a hot car also goes up.

Sounds as if you need to have your auto a/c system checked out. As redangel.com says, “As warmer weather settles in and the first few days of spring approach, it can definitely be worth thinking about what kind of shape the air conditioning system in your car is in and what you can do to make sure it will work all the way through this summer.”

Redangel.com explains: “Your air conditioning system doesn’t have any fluids that need to be changed regularly, and there are no wear components that should be changed on a regular basis.  For the most part, that means your air conditioning system will run properly with no care at all!  When you see signs recommending and air conditioning tune up, what they’re really recommending is having your system checked for early signs of a leak or a clog.”

If you need a trusted Marrero auto care technician to check out your auto air system, look no further than the Marrero auto care guys at Twin Tire Auto Care.

You can also take advantage of Twin Tire's June special on auto air conditioning: a/c drain, evac and recharge for only $99.95. That’s a savings of $40.04 over the normal price of $139.99. But take advantage of it now because it's only good through the end of June - that's this week.

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Or, if your compressor is broken (or you have another Marrero auto repair need), you can take advantage of Twin Tire’s other June deal – 10 percent off on any mechanical service you need up to $100.

Ask a Twin Tire auto repair pro for full details on both deals. But take advantage of them now, they’re only good until the end of the month.

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