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Making sure you keep up with auto care and needed auto repair will keep your car ready for any emergency.

With all the bad weather in New Orleans the past few days, it can be hard to think about other things - like remembering tonight's switch to daylight savings time (turn your clock ahead one hour. It's an hour you'll regain in the fall when you turn the clock back).

Auto care is another item that can be hard to remember even when the weather and everything else seems to be in sync. But regular auto care will help keep your car ready for anything and will help you avoid unexpected auto repair bills. And one item that you might overlook when it comes to auto care is your timing belt.

A timing belt is part of most internal combustion engines and, as Angie's List points out: "The timing belt is an integral part of your engine and, if it fails, so does your engine, causing your car to shut down."

That's because the timing belt "controls the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft and the opening and closing of the engine’s many valves to allow air and gas in and out." If the belt breaks - and there's seldom a warning it's going to happen - "the valves, which are very light, will open at the wrong time and hit the larger pistons and cause damage." That's why it's wise to have your auto care technician take a look at the belt when you get basic maintenance done to make sure it's in good shape. It's also why it's a good idea to change the timing belt every so often.

When you need that basic auto care, the place to go is, of course, Twin Tire and Auto Care. Twin Tire has been the reliable auto care and auto repair company in the New Orleans area since 1973. Twin Tire has convenient locations in Marrero, Harvey and Hammond to service cars and light trucks. Twin Tire also has a Harahan location for heavy commercial vehicles.

While you're here, ask about the Twin Tire Rewards program that lets you earn points you can apply to future auto care, travel, or even for a donation to a local charity. It's a win-win deal. Great auto care at reasonable prices and a chance to amass points for future rewards.

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